News   Children from Kišnica travel to Durrës

Children from Kišnica travel to Durrës - 14 October 2015

The municipality of Gračanica has provided funds for the children of Albanian nationality from Kišnica who travel to Durrës, where will be held the international children’s festival of dancing and folklore, from October 15-19.
Thanks to the municipality of Gračanica, 25 children aged 10-15 will travel tomorrow to Durrës to participate in the traditional festival of dancing and folklore.
Children of folklore society from Kišnica will present folk dances and songs at the festival, and besides them, folklore groups from the Kosovo Morava as well as many cultural associations from Central Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, and Macedonia participate in the festival.
This is the fifth year children from Kišnica participate in this event, which represents the cultural diversity and tradition and the history and customs of other nations.
Organizers have prepared valuable prizes for the participants and winners of the festival.
The municipality of Gračanica financially supported the trip of children from Kišnica to Durrës and provided them transportation.


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