News   Communities Committee: To solve the problem of stray dogs

Communities Committee: To solve the problem of stray dogs - 08 October 2015

Members of the Communities Committee demanded at today's session solving the problem of stray dogs.
Communities Committee held its fourth regular session in the assembly hall of the municipality of Grańćanica. The minutes of the third regular session, held on September 9 this year, was adopted at the very beginning of the session.
The committee then discussed the problems in their communities, and the growing number of stray dogs was stated as the most prominent. Representatives of the Roma community demanded solving the problem in order to avoid the risk of attacking humans.
The committee members also demanded regular control of sewage network in order to avoid clogging and flooding.
The report of the Office of Communities and Returns was discussed and adopted at today's session.
A committee member of the Albanian community was replaced at the session, while there was nothing to discuss under miscellaneous item.


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