News   Consecration of the church in Sušica

Consecration of the church in Sušica - 05 October 2015

The church, newly built parish house and belfry were consecrated yesterday in Sušica in the presence of a large number of believers. Consecration was performed by Bishop Teodosije, and the ceremony was attended by the Mayor of the municipality of Gračanica, Vladeta Kostić.
The church is dedicated to St. Demetrius, and Bishop Teodosije said that there was no information about its construction.
"The place of its location is named Crkvište (site of a former church), based on artifacts found during the excavations. The experts believe that the church in Sušica was built around the middle of the 14th century. King Milutin does not mention it in Gracanica Charter, and the church is probably endowment of a nobleman from the time of King Stefan of Dečani or Czar Dušan," said Bishop Teodosije, reports Radio Gračanica.
The president of the church board, Momir Jovanović thanked everyone who had participated in the construction of the parish house and belfry.
"On 18 November last year, we started to build a belfry and the narthex of the church which construction was financed by the municipality of Gračanica. At the initiative of the church board, the parish house started to be built on 01.07.2013 by the contribution of residents of Sušica and surrounding villages. The church board has been working with the support of young people who have put their efforts to finish it. I am glad so many Orthodox Christians are present here today, and I hope the number will be even greater in the future," said Jovanović.
The consecration ceremony was attended by the Mayor of the municipality of Gracanica Vladeta Kostić, Deputy Mayor Ljubinko Karadžić, Deputy Prime Minister Branimir Stojanović and many other political representatives.
According to residents, there are 110 Serbian households in Sušica today. The current composition of the population has been living in this village since the 18th century, and some Albanian families have moved there later. Sušica is a mixed village with Serbian majority.


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