News   US volunteers in Gračanica

US volunteers in Gračanica - 13 October 2015

Representatives of the US Peace Corps met today with the Mayor of the municipality of Gračanica Vladeta Kostić and talked about the possibility of arrival of volunteers who would be working on the development of local communities.
The project of the Peace Corps predicts the arrival of several dozen American volunteers to Kosovo who would be working on the development of communities. One volunteer, who would be staying in a family’s home during the duration of his mandate, should arrive in Gračanica.
The task of volunteers, who would arrive in Gračanica on February 1, 2016, would be cooperation with local NGOs and the municipality of Gračanica, with the aim of social and economic development.
Serving in the Peace Corps lasts 27 months, and was founded in 1961 by the President John F. Kennedy in order to promote peace and friendship through volunteers.
By the way, there is already a group of 58 volunteers in Kosovo and some of them are housed in Serbian families in Kamenica, Klokot, Stanišor and elsewhere.


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