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Kacanik Site will be home, in which the citizens of our municipality, but further, may be informed of the work and our achievements, but also with our thoughts and our citizens.!



Kacanik as administrative center - town dates from the end of XVI century. Founder of the first of this town is that Sinan Pasha Mosque, built in 1594 Which exists today, a public kitchen (imaret), a school near the mosque, two eat, a hamam, castle (the end of XVI century, in 1595) and several Mills in Lepec River.
Century inscription of the women. II BC, found during the 80's, is a proof of the existence of settlements in these parts during ancient time.
Since the highway passes through Kaçanik Pristina - Skopje Railway and F. Kosovo - Thessaloniki, the country made significant economic Kacanik special strategies.
Through cross Kaçanik two Rivers and river Lepec Nerodime, who with their union to get out of town, picturesque Kacanik Passing mouth together with a whole separate mezoreliefë Kosovo, from Whose lips up mountains Mountains and belonging rrëpijshme mass Rodopet.
Kacanik is mainly industrial country, but there are favorable conditions for development of livestock, beekeeping, pemëtarisë, handicrafts in particular conditions for the development of winter-sports tourism, summer, mountain and transit.


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12 December 2009
Reported all Auto-Taxi companies and holders of individual permits for the conduct of activities Auto-Taxi, in the municipality of Pristina, that since December 7 th until December 31 of applying the Directorate of Economics and Finance, for the rest of the permits. read more...

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12 December 2009

Kryetari i Komunës së Prishtinës, Isa Mustafa, me bashkëpunëtorë dhe më përfaqësuesit e DataProgNet-it, sot, në orën 12:00, do të bëjnë prezantimin e web faqen e re të Prishtinës.



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09 December 2009
Mayor of Pristina, Isa Mustafa, today attended the inauguration of the Annex-object of primary school "Ismail Qemajli" neighborhood "Hill of the Sun" in Pristina. read more...


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