Directorate of Administration

Headquarter of Directorate: Pristina, Old Municipal Building, St. UÇK 61
Director of the Directorate: Muhedin Nushi, grad. Eco


Date of birth:
Marital status: Married

Experience: He has completed university studies in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Pristina. He has a good knowledge in processes, procedures and operations of the Banking Industry, Informational Technology, Business Analysis, Statistical Processing, Data and Process Management as well as Management of Projects from preliminary idea, development, implementation, and up to monitoring and evaluation.
Mr. Nushi has initially worked at the Institute for Scientific Research and Development (INKOS) in Obilic from 1985 until 1990. From 1992 to 2000 he was employed at the Commercial Bank, located in Gjakova and then in Pristina. From 2000 to 2006 he was involved in various projects with foreign institutions with the World Bank, in the project implemented by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organizations of United Nations), Projects of the EU at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Statistical Office of Kosovo as well as in several projects with UNDP, HELVETAS, USAID etc. From 2006 until 2013 he was a Head of the Department of Informational Technology in Commercial Bank.

Tel no: 038 230 900 ext. 1145

Working hours: from 8:00 to 16:00h.
Working with parties: every day during working hours.

Directorate of Administration

Directorate of Administration, within its scope exercises and is responsible for;
a.    Exercising and implementation of general administrative services for administrative bodies and other Municipal bodies,
b.    Provision of administrative services for the citizens of the Municipality of Pristina, within its own competencies or its legal delegate.

General administrative services for administrative bodies and other Municipal bodies of Directorate of Administration include;

Providing services and conducting administrative support for works of the Municipal Assembly of the Board of Directors and working bodies (committees) of the Municipal Assembly.

Prepares and drafts acts of the Municipality Mayor (Article 13 associated with Article 58 of the Law on Local Self Government) and other technical-administrative work such as:
a.    Compilation of invitations and decisions arising from certain meetings, compilation and professional proofreading of literary materials in official languages that are used in the Municipality of Pristina; 
b.    Receiving and processing the competent body of civil initiatives petitions and citizen referendum requests of the Municipality of Pristina, in accordance with the Law and Statute of the Municipality.

Does proposals (drafting) of project regulations and proposal of general administrative decisions and also makes different proposals to amend and supplement general sublegal acts in force ( in the Municipal jurisdiction)

Implements, registers and keeps evidences of official materials that are accepted and delivered from the archive office of Municipal Administration, and also archiving of the archive and care for its storage, also care for the storage of the material acts of the administration (civil registries, files, protocols, records, etc.)

Provides all forms of services and legal aid for citizens, including registration of all of their requests and submissions and reports for realization of administrative cases in accordance with legal deadlines.

Is responsible and cares for provision of postal services for the needs of Municipal bodies and bodies of Municipal administration.

Exercises and manages the field of logistics, including management and care for vehicles, property title of which is the Municipality of Pristina.

Organizes and takes care for maintenance of Municipal administration facilities, including the organization of security services for these objects.

Exercises all works about care and maintenance of information technology and its advancement for official needs.

Performs other duties as well, according to the applicable laws within the scope of the Directorate.

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, the Directorate of Administration is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Local Communities;
2.    Sector for Work of the Municipal Assembly;
3.    Sector for Civil Status; 
4.    Sector for Information Technology;
5.    Sector for General Services (Logistics);
6.    Sector for Civil Service.