Directorate of Education


Directorate of Education, within its competencies, authorizations and legal responsibilities, administrative guidelines of the MEST Municipal Statute, and strategic policy of the Mayor of the Municipality, in its scope is competent and responsible for the management and coordination of public preschool structure, primary and secondary education (0,1,2,3) in the Municipality of Pristina.

Leads, manages and coordinates the process of licensing of any public education institution, pre-university in accordance with the laws in force and the strategy of MEST and the Municipality;

Cooperates with Sector of Human Resources in the employment process of teachers and other staff (help and support) in compliance with the provisions of applicable laws and municipal and central sublegal acts;

Cooperates with Sector of Human Resources in the selection process of directors and deputy directors of public preschool institutions, primary and secondary education (0,1,2,3) in compliance with the laws and regulations in force;

In accordance with the legal acts in force and in collaboration with the Sector of Salary, manages the payment process of active education staff and other professionals and support staff in schools and educational institutions of the Municipality.

In compliance with legal and sublegal acts in force, plans and oversees the implementation of preschool, primary and secondary strategies of education in the Municipality of Pristina;

Oversees educational institutions and evaluates the performance of all employees of Directorate and leaders of educational institutions at Municipal level;

Registers and admits students in compliance with the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms.

Registers all students’ data and identifies, saves and archives files of education personnel and managerial body in accordance with the laws, procedures and forms of the MEST;

Encourages and promotes the opportunity of attending preschool, compulsory primary and secondary education in conditions of full equality for all;

Finds and identifies the need for continued professional development of directors and active educational personnel in compliance with the provisions of applicable laws and real budget capabilities for them;

Organizes training for teachers and other professional staff;

Drafts, proposes and approves labor regulations for schools at all levels within the competencies of the Municipality, including the Code of Conduct for managers, teachers, students and other supporting stuff;

Decides for complaints against decisions of school directors of all pre-university levels in the Municipality;

Monitors and oversees the decisions of school directors of all levels;

Monitors all revenues and expenditures of the Directorate of Education of Pristina Municipality as budget organization;

Oversees budget expenditures through request for periodic reports from schools;

Drafts procurement plan for functional needs of the Directorate of Education;

In compliance with the laws in force, participate in procurement procedures proposed by the Directorate of Education up to the evaluation of bids (at least one member in commission for final bid evaluation);

In consultation with school directors and school boards approves regulations for students’ behavior and discipline;

Finds, identifies as well as proposes in agreement with MEST the decision for establishing, extinguishing, partition or closure of public educational institutions of levels 0, 1, 2 and 3 in the Municipality of Pristina;

Encourages, helps and initiates cooperation between teachers, parents and students with the aim of increasing of the quality of teaching and learning in schools which it manages and supervises (public schools);

Organizes, encourages organization of a variety of knowledge contests between schools from natural and humanitarian sciences and grants awards and gratitude’s for deserved students and educational workers;

Cares for maintenance and renovation of school buildings and equipment of educational institution with public funds.

Cares, initiates and organizes the creation of necessary services for children and their welfare (water, toilets, health services, daily meals, etc.);

Cares for maintenance of surrounding school environments by promoting their greenness;

Proposes and initiates inter-municipal cooperation in the field of education;

Cooperates with NGOs and civil society as well as with governmental and nongovernmental organizations in order to attract donations in the interest of public schools of all pre-university levels in order to promote and increase the quality of teaching and learning;

For achieving public health objectives undertakes activities and develops joined programs with MEST and schools in order to promote health care and avoid contagious diseases and deviant phenomena;

Cares and supports the education of children with special needs in accordance with the measure of their specific needs;

Performs other duties as well, in accordance with applicable laws within the scope of the Directorate.    

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, Directorate of Education is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Education