Directorate of Finance


Helps the Mayor of the Municipality in preparation of the project budget before its appearance in the Committee for Policy and Finance and in the Municipal Assembly;

Drafts dynamic plan of project implementation and allocation of funds for budget items;

Plans statement of cash flow;

Offers professional advices for municipal bodies related to the budget management;

Oversees procedures and expenses of budgetary funds;

Accept monthly reports for the dynamics of projects realization from Directorates and from the procurement Office;

Prepares budget reports as per need or request, in accordance with the laws in force;

Drafts project of municipal regulations for financial issues;

Manages financial issues;

Responsible for keeping accounts and annual financial reports;

Responsible for overseeing of systems and procedures for the budget execution;

Prepares accounting reports and procedures;

Plans and sets obligations based on the municipal regulations of certain entities in the Municipality, the degree of load, tariff from the field of property tax, municipal taxes and fines;

Identifies and keeps a register of municipal assets;

Keeps evidence of all budget revenues of the Municipality;

Prepares unique annual plan of work and oversees its realization;

Oversees the exploitation-realization of the budget through “Free Balance” program;

Coordinates works and develops cooperation with other sectors of Directorate according to the dynamics for budget spending based on cash flow.

Controls and oversees the certifiers’ work and approves them according to the fund, code and economic categories.

Plans and keeps evidences of the revenues on immovable property tax;

Prepares debt (tax) billing for all immovable properties;

Engages and secures distribution of property tax bills;

Does distribution of remarks for indebted taxpayers;

Verifies data system with the existing situation on the field;

Coordinates the operators work of data entry into the system;

Reviews complaints of property tax by the Municipal board;

In cooperation with the legal office, drafts regulation proposal for immovable property tax;

Coordinates work with Directorate of property tax of the Ministry of Finance;
Performs other duties as well, in accordance with applicable laws within the scope of Directorate;

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, Directorate of Finance is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Budget and Finance;
2.    Sector for Property Tax.