Directorate of Capital Investments and Contracts Management


Drafts long-term development program and medium-term infrastructure at the Municipal level, in accordance and in cooperation with local communities and in harmony with urban development and rural settlements;

Follows and studies development flows of Municipal infrastructure and sets criteria of construction of road infrastructure; 

Prepares project duties and categorizes local infrastructure and rural objects;

Drafts small infrastructure projects, according to the requests of local communities;

Issues construction permits (road infrastructure) and permits for digging and opening trenches, which are executed by public companies and permissions for individual involvement of citizens in network infrastructure;  

Sets supervising body for supervision and commission for technical control of constructed buildings in cooperation with the Department of procurement;

Responsible for management (supervision) of construction, reconstruction and sanitation of road infrastructure (fecal sewage, atmospheric, cable, sewer, asphalting, public lightening, horizontal and vertical signalization) in the city and rural areas;

Controls and supervises the quality and similarity of construction material through a licensed laboratory for compliance with technical norms agreed at international level and the EU;

Cooperates with procurement body for the purpose of realization the contracts signed for the conduct of local infrastructure works;

Performs work from the field of geodesy for the needs of the Directorate;

Saves documentation of property expropriation in previous years which are in the interest of the Municipality;

Archives technical documentation of local infrastructure.

Performs other duties, based on the applicable laws within the scope of Directorate.

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, Directorate of Capital Investments and Contract Management is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Capital Investment
2.    Sector for Management of High Construction Contracts
3.    Sector for Management of Low Construction Contracts