Directorate of Inspection


Supervises and inspects all negative occurrences that are encountered in the territory of Pristina Municipality;

Supervises and verifies if citizens in the administration of their wealth, implement or fulfill the requirements of Municipal acts;

Stop illegal usurpation of land, buildings and municipal facilities as well as organize their release

Follows construction process, changes, transformations, as well as demolition of objects;

Follows water supply network, illegal connections to the network as well as prevention of misuse of drinking water;

Oversees illegal connections to the public sewage network, intervention (cutting) unauthorized public roads, sidewalks and other public areas;

Oversees maintenance of roads, sidewalks, squares, parks, cemeteries, green market, sports fields and other public areas;

Oversees the process of production, processing, storage, transport-carrying food, equipment and tools;

Supervises water, facilities as well as apparatus for drinking water supply;

Responsible for the confiscation of suspicious or spoiled goods that represents danger for public health and its elimination, in accordance with rules and procedures in force;

Inspects business spaces, facilities, equipment and production tools for working and circulation of agricultural products;

Inspects industrial activities that can cause air, soil and water pollution;

Inspects technical documentation (construction projects, construction permits, final inspection of the construction site);

Inspects construction building at all phases and verifies compliance with construction documentation;

Ensures that adequate measures are taken to secure construction buildings, other facilities and the traffic;

Verifies accuracy and originality of documentation, which the investor must have available at the construction site, in accordance with the law;

Complies minutes for the condition of works at the construction site, by assessing compliance with the conditions set for construction, quality of work and construction materials;

Decides for the termination of construction, in case of discrepancies with the requirements of the construction permit;

Decides for demolishing the building facilities in case of non-compliance with the requirements of the construction permit.

Ensures the health condition of persons, whom because of their activity, can endanger the health of the population;

Supervises fulfillment of sanitary, technical and hygienic conditions in the process of issuing construction permits, in accordance with applicable law;

Takes protective measures for public health from the damaging effects of smoking products and of smoking, in accordance with the law;

Supervises the implementation of provisions dealing with animal health control, foods of animal origin, meat and meat products, facilities and equipment for meat production, facilities and equipment for production, storage and sale of meat;

Supervises and controls pre and after slaughter process of animals in accordance with applicable laws;

Supervises goods’ exposure outside the business premises, prohibit the use (placement) without the permission for public spaces, putting up signs, advertisement, showcases, public toilet facilities, catering, public halls;

Supervises the implementation of the provisions of placing billboards and all kinds of advertising;

Supervises the implementation of legal provisions in the field of traffic and motor vehicles in public circulation;

Supervises, controls and take measures foreseen by law against illegal transporters and those who do not respect the schedule set by the competent authority;

Inspects public roads where road works are carried out during the design, construction and reconstruction, maintenance of horizontal and vertical signalization;

Inspects the implementation of the general management of road safety within the range of road safety (projection, construction, reconstruction, maintenance, traffic signals);

Inspects urban public transport, peripheral urban and goods;

Inspects transportation of axel overload and that of outer dimensions of various transporters;  

Supervises the implementation of legal provisions for protected natural areas from contamination, dangerous wastes and materials;

Inspects activities that cause ambient disorders and identifies the responsible party, which has caused disorders;

Supervises the implementation of legal provisions that protect water, air, soil pollution:

Supervises implementation of legal provisions for management and exploitation of natural resources (deforestation, extraction of sand in rivers etc.) in terms of environmental protection;

Inspects work of rock quarries; 

Monitors Municipal public services, dealing with environmental protection (management of  waste, sewerage, water and other public services for the prevention of environmental pollution);

Is responsible for local environmental planning, nature conservation measures, other protective measures against noise, traffic etc;

Ensures and undertakes measures to not use agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes;

Supervises agricultural separation of land from polluters and orders taking and implementing fire protection measures in case of fire starting from users or owners of agricultural land;

Implements agro-technical measures for preserving and protection of crops and other cultures;

Performs other duties within the scope of the Directorate, in accordance with applicable laws.

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, Directorate of Inspection is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Municipal Order;
2.    Sector for Construction;
3.    Sector for Forestry;