Directorate of Cadaster

Headquarter of Directorate: Pristina, New Municipal Building, Dragodan
Director of Directorate: Nora Kelmendi, grad. Eco

Date of Birth:
Marital status: Single

Experience: Mrs. Kelmendi has a flourishing career in the field of the Property Management, Business and Social Enterprises. Mrs. Kelmendi has completed University degree in the Faculty of Economics. Whereas she completed her Master degree in Management in Macedonia at the University of Southeast Europe.
From 2011, Mrs. Kelmendi has worked in the private consulting company “Management Development Associates” (MDA) as a leader of the Division for Business Development and later on she was the head of MDA Foundation. She also worked in the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) for 8 years (its successor PAK) as a privatization official and then as a head of investor relations unit. In PAK she was a director of Sales Department where she led and managed the process of privatization of social enterprises in Kosovo.
From 2000-2002, she worked as business consultant in “Chemonics International”, project funded by USAID and was one of the first women in Kosovo Consulting Business. After this she continued her career in a financial institution “Interim Credit Unit” (ICU), a project which was funded by the World Bank and European Union. 
In 1999, before the war started in Kosovo she started working as a distribution official in an international organization “Care International” Australia. During the war she worked in the same organization in Cergani Camp in Macedonia. After her return to Kosovo with “Care International”, she continued working as the head of Food Distribution (humanitarian aid) for the area of Lipjan and Ferizaj. 

Tel no: 038 233 140 

Working hours: from 08:00 to 16:00h.
Working with parties: meeting will be scheduled depending citizens’ requests.
Registration services of immovable property is provided every Tuesday and Thursday. The meeting with parties is held in the reception office on the second floor from 10:00-12:00h.


Responsible for developing and organizing cadastral capacity, homogeneous reference network, reconstruction of cadastral information in digital form, the model of informational system for land and property;

Provides professional services and other services for interested parties;

Improves land transfer, state land management and efficiency in land taxation;

Plans the network with new control points and the establishment of new control points;

Digitalize polygonal and trigonometrical points, vectoring of scanned plans (parcels and cadastral zones);

Upgrades the graphic part based on documents and new measurements and transforms them with given parameters for transformation;

Provides service maintenance of land classification and cultures;

Provides services for the parceling and boarder marking in case of expropriation;

Performs professional work in the field of geodesy (changes made during their measurement-transmission in the geodesy program);

Provides services for digitized notes (giving the coordinates on the terrain);

Controls networks and geodetic measurements;

Records the surfaces of buildings and their parts, underground and over ground facilities and processes sketches;

Registers immovable property and municipal land;

Develops registration procedure in accordance with the laws, according to official duties and requests of the parties;

Corrects the registry (RDPP) according to procedures and legal provisions in force;

Upgrades the registry of property, based on verified documents and other notes from archival documents and also the register of equipment swap from terrain;

Implements procedures on public property transactions in RDPP;

Reviews and develops administrative procedures for restitution of immovable property to the former owner, identifies and cancels temporary measures according to the decision of the competent court;

Manages the cadastral apartment floors, buildings and cadastral parcels on which the apartments are built;

Registers and un-registers mortgages;

Makes decisions on the registration of servitudes, burden tax, parcels of property tax and notes related to sureties;

Issues certificates for immovable property, as required;

Maintains, corrects and harmonizes evidences of settlements, villages, squares, streets and numbers of objects and buildings;

Issues decisions for approval or rejection of applications;

Draws conclusions for fulfilment of uncompleted requirements;

Improves land transfer, state land management and efficiency in land taxation;

Performs other duties as well, in accordance with applicable laws within the scope of the Directorate.

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, Directorate of Cadaster is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Cadaster;
2.    Sector for Geodesy.