Directorate of Public Services, Protection and Rescue


Defines and oversees the provision of local public services, including water supply, water supply networks, sewer and waste water processing;

Organizes summer and winter maintenance of local roads and settlements, cleaning of streets and sidewalks of the city;

Organizes maintenance and unclogging of the atmospheric sewer network and plans for local heating;

Organizes safety and maintenance of public spaces, green spaces, public parks and cemeteries;

Coordinates activities and gives consent to the activity of public transport of passengers and goods, with public company and associations of individual taxi drivers and legal operators, according to the regulations;

Arranges the lines and timetables for public transport of passengers;

Manages towing service, according to the rules, and organizes procedures for public auctions for confiscated vehicles that exceed the term foreseen by law;

Cooperates with police for regulation of traffic and increasing traffic safety, especially near schools and pre-school institutions;

Cares for vertical and horizontal signalization of existing roads and regulates the traffic in the city Pristina;

Decides for temporary road closure or in certain cases (national holidays, special work in the interest of the state and the municipality and other similar work);

Collaborates with companies that provide services of setting the water price, connections, technical interventions and supervision of water supply reduction;

Cares for supplying drinking water with water tanks and special reservoirs, if needed;

Gives consent – permission for use of public spaces, care for the maintenance of green areas, parking spots and other public spaces, in accordance with Municipal plans;

Offers custody service for the elimination of stray dogs;

Oversees realization of works in regulating green areas and considers various requests;

He is responsible for issuing permits for use of public spaces in front of hotel premises and public payphones, for static generators, driving equipment for selling popcorn, corn, chestnuts, equipment for ice cream and books;

Cares for elevators (repair and maintenance);

Responsible for public lighting, billboards, company luminous advertisement and other various advertising;

Participates in the Commission for technical acceptance of the completed works-public lighting, maintenance of public network and signalization;

Cares for managing, controlling and cleaning up all the municipality squares;

Informs the responsible Directorate for defects on roads in the territory they belong;

Is responsible for issuing permits belonging to the Municipality for placement of road obstacles (speed bumps);

Assesses the risk from natural and other disasters within municipal territory as well as drafts protection plans;

Cares for functioning of the alarm system in case of danger;

Responsible for organization of citizens in force protection and rescue in case of a need as well as proposing of the establishment of the Committee for Protection and Rescue;

Provides emergency equipment for temporary housing in case of natural and other disaster;

In accordance with the laws and in case of need, he is responsible for coordinating the works with central institutions and other municipalities in the field of protection and rescue;

Organizes, develops and manages personal and reciprocal protection;

In extraordinary cases, the Mayor of Municipality proposes the announcement of state of emergency as well as measures that must be undertaken for dealing with situation.

Supervision of Municipal facilities and engagement of personnel for providing internal facilities security or an outside contractor;

In accordance with Municipal laws and acts, drafts fire protection plan;

Oversees the financial realization of financial resources foreseen for fire protection, as well as equipping of FBP with adequate modern tools for intervention;

Cares for the maintenance and functionalization of public shelters;

Organizes and supervises the work of Chimney-sweeper Sector.

Organizes and coordinates work with companies that provide services for citizens;

Engages for the gradual reduction of pollution, degradation and environmental damage, as well as reduction or seizure of those economic aspects and other activities that pose a risk to human health and the environment;

Protects biodiversity trying to achieve ecological balance on municipal territory and beyond;

Supervises and cares for rational and sustainable usage of natural resources and productive land as well as protection of natural genetic accumulations;

Drafts the program and supervises the relief, proposes new areas for protection, protects and rehabilitates the diversity and the cultural as well as aesthetic values of the landscape;

Collects necessary information for determination of the resources and the amount of water;

Proposes measures of quality monitoring, protection and maintenance of water, air, soil and nature of the municipal area and ensures their implementation;

Keeps notes which include data for all activities, applications for municipal environmental permits and municipal environmental approvals;

Informs the public for all issues relating to the maintaining and protection of the environment;

Undertakes measures for the protection of surface and underground waters from pollutants;

Cares for the implementation of measures for protection from harmful effects of water;

Supervises the administration of natural values, such as: air, water, soil, forests, minerals and natural public resources, such as: green areas, riverbanks and Germia’s pool, as well as specific values, such as: geodiversity, biodiversity and wildlife of fauna and flora;

Drafts measures of control for the noise level in the Municipality;

Supervises the security conditions of life and health of people in and around the construction site during the work;

Eliminates violations, defects and damages caused during construction;

Prepares the program for the reduction of pollution and proposes projects for environmental protection, in cooperation with domestic and local institutions and donors, in accordance with laws and Municipal acts;

Performs other duties as well, based on the applicable laws within the scope of the Directorate.

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, Directorate of Public Services, Protection and Rescue is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Public Services;
2.    Sector for Management of Waste and Environment;
3.    Sector for Security and Emergencies;
4.    Sector for Transport and Traffic;