Directorate of Urbanism


Prepares and provides basic information and documents for the preparation, approval of technical documentation for construction permits;

Proposes and implements laws in the field of spatial planning; Municipal development plan, urban development plan, urban regulatory plan and regulations in the field of investment and environmental protection;

Determines the construction conditions, in accordance with the Construction Law,

Proposes and approves the criteria for placement of temporary facilities, equipment and micro-urban elements in territory of the city and the Municipality;

Deals with drafting draft regulations, analytical expertise, activities in certain areas of spatial and urban planning, environmental protection and construction field;

Proposes and implements the program for Municipal space;

Issues construction permits for all types of objects defined by the law within the competency of the Municipality;

Gives consent for the construction of buildings of local importance and other developments.

Organizes and trains professional groups and human capacities for the legalization procedure;

Organizes and sets professional group for accepting and reviewing applications (documents) for legalization;

Organizes and sets professional group for assessment of illegally constructed buildings;

Finds and delivers information for constructed objects inconsistent with construction laws, urban documentation in force and in particular with regulations and Manuals for legalization;

Controls technical documentation in harmony with construction laws, standards, urban documentation in force as well as with regulation and Manual for legalization;

Reviews infrastructure construction programs and capital facilities in illegal spatial areas;

Cooperates with relevant entities in the field of regulation of construction land and all other relevant entities;

Coordinates and performs procedural works from the field of illegal constructions;

Issues decisions and certificates for the condition of (about the situation of) existing buildings;

Finds and forwards information for objects built inconsistent with construction laws, standards and urban documentation in force;

Gives permission for use of completed buildings;

Cooperates with relevant Municipal entities in the field of regulation of construction land;

Proposes creation of construction land areas and processes allocation for granting of land in use;

Performs other duties, in accordance with applicable laws within the scope of Directorate.

In order to exercise the functions defined by the applicable legal provisions, Directorate of Urbanism is organized into the following sectors:
1.    Sector for Urbanism
2.    Sector for Legalization