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One of the important segments of local administration is certain transparency and provision of necessary information citizens and all institutions dealing with local administration. Being coherent with contemporary trends in communication, in order to offer citizens more information on this page you will find numerous documents and information for the Vushtrri Municipality  and work of the Municipal Assembly and other bodies of local administration.
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Vushtrria or Vicianum as called before the old Illyrian name, is the ancient location, dating since the Middle Ages, even before the Roman Empire,  from the time of Dardania. Viciana the end of century B. C. occupied by the Roman Empire. During the period of Roman occupation (I-V) Viciana had achieved significant economic development and cultural.   read more >>


Committee for communities is constituted
04 March 2010
Within the establishment of political bodies Municipal Assembly on Thursday was made constituting the Communities Committee of Vushtrri. In this committee where representatives are part of three major political parties represented in the Municipal Assembly, but also representatives of four minority communities living in Vushtrri, with unanimous votes for leading the Committee communities elected Andrijana Disiq serb community representative, while Ergin Sunguri Vice Chairman of the turkish community representatives. The seven-member composition of this mandatory committee of assembly members are Gerxhaliu Habibe (PDK), Sabri Ferati (AAK), Selvete Sholla (LDK), Adem Hoti community representatives of ashkali and Emini Feriki roma community representatives.
The work of this institution Disiq Chairman said he would engage in representing the interests of all communities living in Vushtrri.

Designated location for the construction of water-supply of Vushtrri
04 March 2010
On village Balinc is set location for construction of separate water-supply of Vushtrri citizens, for whose construction the Kosovo government has allocated 5 million euros, released Mayor Bajram Mulaku. After attending the construction of water supply procedures are expected to begin in the summer. Water-supply will be built under level of the canal system Ibar Lepenc and then distribution of water from it will be the pumping stations.
While water which will be used in this water is of Ujman Lake in Northern Kosovo, which up to the location in question will come through canal irrigation system Ibar-Lepenc.


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